Stop Motion Skateboarding

An awesome short video from Tilman Singer made from pictures of skaters in magazines and videos. The project took Singer three months to complete and the fruits of his labor are clearly seen in this short, but incredible piece of work.

Checkout this brief interview via

So what inspired you to piece this web flick together?

Well, these days I do not skate as frequently as I want to anymore but nevertheless skateboarding has always interested and inspired me and it is a great way to prevent yourself from growing up. You could say that this is my first animation or maybe my first video art production and I would love to be able to carve out a living from this type of work and that’s for this reason that inspired me to put this together.

How long did it take to complete?

I worked on it over a three month period mostly at night but I think if I had gone about it without breaks it would have kept me busy for a full week.

How did you come up with the ideas for the scenes themselves?

I pretty much tried to imitate a skateboard video or just looked at the craft supplies I had to built my spots and then searched for fitting photography.

You must have gone through a huge amount of sequences, talk us through the process of elimination.

Well, I had about thrice as many scenes and I had to eliminate those that were without good flow in movement. I looked through all my old skateboard magazines and also bought some new ones whilst working on the video and found the photographs in magazines like Monster Skateboard MagazineLimited Skateboard Magazine and Place Magazine. The first thing I did was look for sequences in which the skateboarder was shown in a clear understandable way, then I searched for tricks I liked and also spots I could actually recreate. Not every sequence is ideal for an animation like this because due to the design of the magazines some photos are smaller than others or have different colours or text on it.

Did you make your own music for it too?

Yes. Since my flatmate and I are both musicians you can find a lot of instruments and electronics for recording in our apartment. Creating the music was the easier part!

So which skaters feature in the edit?

You can see the bail scene recreated from Foundation’s ‘That’s Life‘ video. I took it from a video because I couldn’t find any bail sequences printed at all. I’m sure you identified Corey Duffel and Manny Santiago, I will leave you to name the rest of them!

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