Sous le Ciel de Paris

Sous le ciel de Paris – literally translated to “under the sky of Paris” – is a short firm by director NEELS  CASTILLON who is a talented young artist based out of Paris. In this short film, Castillon takes an alternative approach to shooting a typical day skateboarding in the French capital. Showing fragmented scenes in all black and white, Castillon takes us from the streets of Paris to the crowded seats of the Metropolitan allowing us to relive scenes of a day that has since passed. To a certain extent, it almost feels as if the filmmaker is taking his own recollections of the day and deliberately displaying them to his audience in a way that mirrors how the memories are floating around in his own brain – disjointed, time agnostic and distant.

Combine the creative approach with an amazing sound production and you have the recipe for a memorable video.

Directed and designed: Neels Castillon
Skateboarders: Arthur Turpin, Andrea Giallonardo, Djessy Home
Music and sound design: Yann Levasseur
Sound Production: Les écouteurs

Sous le ciel de Paris_V4 1_900

Sous le ciel de Paris_V6 1_900

Sous le ciel de Paris_V5 1_900

Sous le ciel de Paris_V9 1_900

Sous le ciel de Paris_V8 1_900

Sous le ciel de Paris_V7 1_900

Sous le ciel de Paris_V4_4 1_900

Sous le ciel de Paris_V4_3 1_900

Sous le ciel de Paris_V4_2 1_900

Sous le ciel de Paris_V4_1 1_900


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