Slow Motion Skateboarding

Uncommon skateboarding tricks in super slow motion. Filmed at 1,000 frames per second with a Redlake N3 high speed camera. Since skateboarding trick names are defined by common usage and these tricks are not very common, some of them don’t have well-established names.

In order of appearance:

Kyle McPherson — nollie dolphin flip (AKA nollie forward flip)

Cameron Carmichael — backside 180 casper flip (?) (or bs 180 hospital flip)

Jerrod Skorupski — nollie heelflip bs body varial David Case – nollie 360 shuv underflip (AKA nerd flip)

David Case – frontside shuv underflip (AKA kiwi flip)

Dustin Blauvelt – hardflip pretzel

Dustin Blauvelt – Merlin twist (switch front foot impossible fs 180)

Dustin Blauvelt – nollie heelflip indy grab

Shane Anderson – early grab frontside 180 fingerflip (?)

Jovan Pierson – pressure hardflip (?)

Jovan Pierson – ?? Jovan Flip

Erick Schaefer – backside pop shuv underflip

Tim Hamp – Nollie pressure hardflip (?)

-Via Ashomsky

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