Shanghai 5

Riding through the streets on a skateboard makes you see and feel the city differently. Weaving in and out of traffic, hopping on and off curbs and taking in the sights all work together to make you feel like an integrated part of the city, inseparable from the life pulsing through the busy streets. Needless to say, experiencing the city in this context inevitably changes your experience of the urban environment. Interactivity and the possibility of creative expression become an ingrained part of individual perception shifting the way you look at everything from the rails you chain your bikes and the small cracks in the sidewalks that could potentially throw you off your board.

This perceptual shift creates a space where a different kind of conversation and cultural experience can be shared among a certain subset of individuals. This space opens a forum to discuss the urban environment in a new and interesting way. Charles Lanceplaine created a video documenting this urban exploration in one of the most interesting and juxtaposed environments in the world: Shanghai. Through the words of professional skateboarders and individuals associated with the skate scene in Shanghai, we hear first hand what it’s like to be an integrated part of the street culture in one of the biggest cities in the world.

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