Recycling a Skateboard

The Driftwood Collective is a group of friends based out of Portugal who are entwined in the surfing culture. In their idle hours between swells they aim to contribute to what they term an “alternative surfing culture” in Europe. What exactly does that mean? To be perfectly forthcoming – we haven’t quite deciphered their life philosophy quite yet, but through all of their interesting quips and nebulous thoughts that scatter their several videos on their Vimeo page, there was a statement that really caught our eye:

“A main task of our times is to create a sort of poetry able to deal with the outcasts of our own civilization, a kind of new spirituality that does not retreat into the idealization of an untouched nature but is willing to accept all the waste we produce and create some kind of aesthetic experience with it.”

Or to put in everyday English, what we are all meant to do is to create beauty of what others have deemed a blemish. To not craft the unique and the individual into a predetermined archetype, but to accept the imperfections of reality and to make something beautiful out of it.

What better way to exemplify this motto than to turn old decks into beautiful works of art?

Check out more of Driftwood Collective’s videos and support their movement if you dig it.

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