Raw Run

Living in New York City, it’s hard to appreciate just how gnarly longboarding can actually be. With mild hills and a predictable urban landscape that is cut by numbered streets and avenues, the sport that some may see as an interesting hobby for some can actually be a ridiculously intense sport for another. Bay area skateboarder and longboarder Liam Morgan recently created a video that shows a raw run down a huge hill in the Los Angeles area.

The first thing you’ll notice about this run is speed. The speed at which Morgan is moving is so intense that if anyone tried this on a skateboard, they would get the speed wobbles and take a fatal dive into the concrete within a few turns. When asked if he’s taken any serious slams before he simply replies “Nothing too major. I’ve been hit by cars, smashed into guardrails, and left a fair amount of my skin on the road.”

Whether or not you would agree that longboarding is within the same family as skateboards, the point remains the same – when you’re willing to push the limits you’re going to get some seriously amazing footage.



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