Project Otro

Koo Jeong A, in partnership with L’ESCAUT ARCHITECTUREShas recently finished a project titled “Otro,” which is a skatepark in France that glows in the dark. Throughout the life of the project the team collaborated with structural engineers, skateboarders, and contractors to come up with a structure that would solve a problem that many skaters face – lighting up a night session. While this problem is normally tackled with massive overhead lights, the team took a different route and coated the surface of the park with luminescent material that lights up when the surroundings get dark.

The product is a beautifully crafted skatepark that looks like someone’s fantasy at night time. Just one look at the structure placed against the backdrop of the woods, makes you want to give unlimited props to the art direction on this one. Just goes to show what can be possible when different minds come together to solve a practical problem.





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