With all the gripes about urban expansion and the associated decline in environmental preservation, there seems to be one platform that is thriving from the explosion in modern development: skateboarding. Have you ever heard of a town called Ordos? It’s tucked away in Inner Mongolia, or as others may call it Northern China with a population around 2M. Architecturally light but a wonderland for those who skate, this landscape is legitimately a place that many skateboarders can only dream of. Few security guards, newly minted urban terrain and scenery that makes even a common kick flip make you squirm in your seat with excitement.

Filmed by one of our favorites, Charles Lanceplaine, the filmmaker exhibits a fascinating environment that few have seen explored, well alone skated, before. If you havent’t checked out Charles’ first documentary regarding the skate scene in modern Shanghai, we beg you please check it out, it’s amazing. Also if you haven’t seen more of Charles’ work before go check it out here on his Vimeo Channel, please support this young artist, because the world needs more of this type of filming.

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