Modern Day Odyssey

Adam Abada and his good friend Zach are pure-bred east coast skaters who recently took off on a “road trip” with nothing but the clothes on their back and their skateboards. In an attempt to feel reconnected to the region they grew up – its nuances and its people – the pair took off from Boston to New York. Relying on a network of friends and strangers along the path, Adam and Zach skated from town to town filming everything they saw and did throughout their journey.  The pair shot upwards of 30 hours of film, slept on top of coffee shops, partied with felons and narrowly avoided arrest in their 225 mile odyssey.

What has resulted is a documentary exhibiting their travels, the places they saw and the people they met.

Adam Abada sat down and and chatted with us about the trip and some of the things he saw – check out the documentary and visit their site to support their journey.


Tell us a little bit about why you decided to go on the trip. 

The trip was one we’d both made countless times before.  We’re both from New Jersey and have spent a lot of time all over the east coast.  Zach was living in Boston for school and I was in New York.  He would regularly take the Fung-Wah bus back down to New York.  Since we already skate everywhere locally, he joked that he should skate the trip. The joke turned into actually doing it.

You say that the goal of your trip was to “rediscover what they feel has been partially lost in the modern age: the personal connection with a place, its characteristics, and its characters.” Why did you feel that skateboarding was the appropriate tool for you guys to explore this theme?

Skateboarding is, anyway you slice it, a huge part of both of our lives.  It’s the easiest way for us to connect with anything.  It made perfect sense.



What was the craziest thing you guys saw?

For me, the “craziest” thing was how uniformly crazy everywhere is.  There’s so much out there that I’m sure everything under the sun has happened.  You just have to be open to letting it happen around you.  I can sort of just pick out any moment from the trip and it’s as interesting and, maybe, crazy as the next.  Meeting someone who lives a few blocks away from me camping on the same otherwise deserted surf beach in Block Island.  Kicking it with felons.  Being booted out of a town old west style for just generally being unsavory folk in the eyes of the local law enforcement was a doozie.

What’d you take away from your time on the road?

Do it again.  Entertain your silly ideas.  People are open and genuine if you are.  That last one is something that you have to keep reminding yourself with every single person, every single day.  It’s worth it, though.




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