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Michael Perry

Location: New York, NY

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Michael Perry is an architect based out of New York City who focuses on retail environments. His experience has been grounded in brand-oriented thinking taking advantage of architectural design thinking to help brands better tell their story. Michael can also identify every bird in North America.

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Brian Armstrong

Location: Connecticut

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Brian Armstrong specializes in creating and supporting unique partnerships and programs that support families, corporations, Independent Learning Environments, and Hospitals that allow us to reach more people in need. His latest partnerships with Worship Skateboards has born the SOS program that has grown popular support in Connecticut and is spreading it’s roots to Rhode Island.

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Man Yau

Location: Helsinki, Finland

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Man Yau is a Helsinki based designer who studies ceramics and glass design in Aalto University (ARTS). She works in the fields of art and design and preferably both at the same time. “Stick around. Someone might throw a shoe. You never know.”

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Adam Abada

Location: Brooklyn, NY

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I’m a filmmaker, artist, and skateboarder living and working in New York City.  I like to leave the city as much as possible, if only so I get to come back to its welcoming arms.  Hit me up or catch me cruising!